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Since 2002 we’ve worked with dentists to help them find the right IT solution for their practices.


We set up the services you need so as to have an encrypted and HIPAA compliant network.


We set up the services you need so as to have an encrypted and HIPAA compliant network.

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Who We Are


Dentech was started in 2002 as an Oregon-based company that services dentists and medical professionals in Oregon and Washington only. Though we have grown into the largest independent IT provider in the state of Oregon, we have remained true to our roots and stayed local. Our goal is to provide the IT services your practice needs at the lowest possible price. We pride ourselves on remaining flexible so as to match any budget limitation and existing office space or system. 

Here at Dentech, we know that when your practice succeeds, our business succeeds, too. We’ve gathered a team of professionals with approximately 160 years of IT experience behind our collective belts - and we are proud to use that experience to your practice’s advantage.


What We do


Dentech works with dental and medical practices across Oregon and Washington to provide local professionals with secure, HIPAA compliant systems. Every one of our IT staff has knowledge and experience specific to the dental and medical industries. We understand the particular challenges every dentist or medical professional faces when he or she opens a practice, and we are dedicated to servicing all of your practice’s IT needs.

Our goal is to help you maximize your IT investment and enable you to work with the confidence that your practice’s systems are 100% HIPAA compliant. At Dentech, we are dedicated to helping you grow your practice!



The people at Dentech are committed to working to find the optimum solution and outcome for all your technology needs.

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