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Common Client Needs

Planning & Consultations

I.T Consultations

We are happy to schedule an I.T. consultation so you can discover how our services can help you achieve your goals.

Site Planning

Whether you are setting up a new office or are hoping to restructure an existing space, we can structure a customized plan to fit your needs.

Dental IT Services

Dentech covers every dental IT need. From setting up your network to hardware installation to encryption, we have you covered.

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Planning & Consultations

What You Should Know

Dentech works with every client to discover their unique needs and structure their system to provide optimum service and HIPAA compliance for their practice. We often work with practices that start out with common issues like unencrypted emails, insufficient backups, or software violations. During the planning and consultation phase, we can find every point of potential noncompliance and map out how to correct it – before it ever becomes an issue for the doctor.

During new office builds, Dentech is ready to work with your team of contractors to do office and infrastructure planning. Working from the ground-up allows our team to provide you with the best system before you even open your doors.

Whether you are building your office or need to resolve compliance issues in your existing systems, Dentech can help you reach your IT goals.

Networking & IT Support

Everything Your Practice Needs

Why Dentech?

Your practice may have used an IT person in the past, but working with Dentech will be a new experience. Dentech is a one-stop-shop for your IT needs. We specialize in dental and medical networks, hardware/software installation, full HIPAA compliance, and system maintenance. The team here at Dentech can work with any system, in any environment. We take responsibility for every part of your network so that we can maintain a relationship with you long into the future. 


Our Process

When we take on a new customer, we do a complete review of the existing network structure, set up a plan for compliance, and then go over our customer’s future goals. In each consultation, we take everything into account, from budgetary considerations to physical limitations to existing networks and office policies. This gives us a path forward and allows our customer to maximize their IT investment while getting and remaining HIPAA compliant. 

The people at Dentech are committed to working to find the optimum solution and outcome for all your technology needs.