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"You guys are the best~! Dentech has been my IT department since 2012. They call me back promptly when I need help. If there ever was a question about a service or fee, the handle professional and make sure in the end I am happy with their work. I would highly recommend them."

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Dr. Sunny Drake


"We made the switch to Dentech about 6 months ago. They are far and above better than the previous tech support company we were working with. The fact that they can handle so many different aspects of our tech support needs and take care of everything in a manner that meets HIPAA requirements is a huge benefit for us. I can't imagine using anyone other than Dentech!"

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The Dentech team can work with any practice size in any stage of development. We’re ready to get in on the ground floor with you as you build your business or to advise you on improvements to your existing system while providing maintenance.

Are you ready to work with a full-service IT team that specializes in assisting dental and medical practices? Contact us today! We’re here to help you get and remain HIPAA compliant for years to come.


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The people at Dentech are committed to working to find the optimum solution and outcome for all your technology needs.