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Networking & IT

Network Configuration

Dentech specializes in network hardware, software, and security infrastructure installation.

"Everything" Back-Ups

Our off-site and HIPAA compliant backup solution delivers the peace of mind you need.

General Configuration

We work within your needs to find the perfect technology solutions for your unique environment.

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Networking & IT

What You Should Know

Many dentists and medical professionals who have existing practices are using outdated software, free firewalls, and workgroup setups in their networks. Unfortunately, this leaves practices open to HIPAA violations.

Dentech networking and IT services provide medical and dental offices with a full review of the existing network structure along with a roadmap for compliance. With this roadmap, we can set up a fully compliant network for our clients, coordinate internal security, and do routine maintenance.

We focus on IT so you can concentrate on growing your practice.


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Everything Your Practice Needs

Why Dentech?

Your practice may have used an IT person in the past, but working with Dentech will be a new experience. Dentech is a one-stop-shop for your IT needs. We specialize in dental and medical networks, hardware/software installation, full HIPAA compliance, and system maintenance. The team here at Dentech can work with any system, in any environment. We take responsibility for every part of your network so that we can maintain a relationship with you long into the future. 


Our Process

When we take on a new customer, we do a complete review of the existing network structure, set up a plan for compliance, and then go over our customer’s future goals. In each consultation, we take everything into account, from budgetary considerations to physical limitations to existing networks and office policies. This gives us a path forward and allows our customer to maximize their IT investment while getting and remaining HIPAA compliant. 

The people at Dentech are committed to working to find the optimum solution and outcome for all your technology needs.