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We cannot stress the importance of quality secured backups in a business environment. For most of us, our entire world lives in the digital format of bytes, megabytes, gigabytes and individual ones & zeros. For this reason, the peace of mind provided by knowing your data is being securely backed up is priceless.

If you have not yet experienced some sort of data loss and subsequent recovery, I can assure you it is not fun or without stress. However, if the correct steps are taken, a full recovery is the outcome when Dentech is involved. We take into account all factors related to your office environment and ensure the backup solution implemented meets each office’s unique needs.

Please make sure you are checking your onsite backup dashboard daily as well as rotating your external backup devices to ensure multiple versions of your data are safely backed up so, in the event that we need to go further back in time for one reason or another, that data is available.

With any ePHI backup we need to stress following all HIPAA, HITECH, Omnibus, NIST protocols for ensuring the backups are not only done correctly but using the correct encryption and storage methods to meet those requirements.